Who is Op. Dr. Umur Akiner?

Op. Dr. Umur Akiner was born in 1987 in Denizli, Turkey. He graduated from Adana Science High School in 2004 and enrolled in Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty.
He became 38th in the nation-wide ranking of the Medical Specialization Exam (TUS) in 2010 and enrolled in the department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Surgery in Cerrahpasa Medical School which was his first choice.

The preparation period for patients considering nose aesthetics surgery/rhinoplasty is not only about informing them about the procedure and soothing their concerns.

Preparation for Rhinoplasty

Before each surgical operation, I project the photos that we used during planning to the monitors in the operation room.

The surgical procedure in rhinoplasty

There is nothing to stop my patients who feel well and want to be discharged immediately after the operation.

Follow-up and Recovery Period

Rhinoplasty/nose aesthetics surgery is a special surgery and long-term results determine the real success.

Control and Follow-up Process


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Nasal congestion surgery

Chronic nasal congestion is a very common problem. The operations performed to solve this problem are perhaps the most common procedures in the otorhinolaryngology practice. Nasal congestion in children are mostly related to adenoid growth and you can get more detailed information on this issue from the related page.


Sinus surgery

There are a total of seven sinus cavities on the skull; one pair each under the eyes, inside the eye cavity and at the back of the eye cavity and one opening inside the nose. During the course of diseases such as flu, snuffles and common cold some discharge accumulate inside our sinuses and this causes “sinusitis”.


Tonsil, adenoid and ear tube insertion surgery

Tonsils sometimes become enlarged and cause difficulty in breathing. Although this condition is more frequently seen in children, it can also occur in adults causing complaints such as snoring. Large adenoids that close the back of the nose and cause difficulty in breathing can also be observed alone.


Ear surgery

Our ears are like chambers filled with air that are closed to the outside world. The thinnest wall of this chamber is the eardrum. The interaction of the ear cavity chamber with the outside world and the sense of balance are achieved by the means of a channel that carries air from the nasal cavity to the ear cavity. The name of this channel is the “eustachian tube”.


Goiter (thyroid gland) surgery

The thyroid gland is located in the front and middle part of the lower half of our neck. It is attached to the front side of our larynx from the outside. The hormones secreted from this gland regulate our energy expenditure rate, which is the metabolism. The disease of the thyroid gland is called “goiter”.Tiroid bezi hastalıkları "Guatr" olarak isimlendirilir.


Laryngeal cancer and head-neck tumor surgery

The cancer surgery of the larynx, tongue, tongue root, mouth base, mouth walls, nose cavity, sinuses and pharynx are performed by otorhinolaryngology specialists. In the surgery for these diseases, the related organ as a whole or partially and the necessary areas of the lymph nodes located on the neck region may be removed.


Salivary gland surgery

There are three pairs of large salivary glands in the mouth cavity; one pair on the right and left stemming from front of the ears and extending below the ears (the parotid glands), one pair under the chin on the right and left (the submandibular glands) and one pair inside the mouth under the tongue on the right and left (the sublingual glands).


Cochlear implant bionic ear surgery

People with congenital hearing loss used to spend their whole lives with hearing and speaking disability and have difficulty in adapting to the society. With advancing technology and compulsory screening tests in newborns, hearing impaired babies can now be diagnosed very early.

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